Thursday, June 26, 2014

Potomac Regional VMUG User Conference 2014

It's VMUG User Conference season!

You know the drill: brainy keynote, lots of exhibitors, unlimited free coffee, and dozens of great technical breakout sessions. The only problem is that you end up running into so many people you know, that you pretty much miss all that other stuff. But maybe that's the point.

The only breakout session I attended was on vCAC and Heterogenous Cloud Management. It's funny how some sessions really speak to you. I'm working on a project to modernize the virtualization infrastructure at the moment, and vCAC is likely the tool I've been looking for. I've been familiar with the product for a while, but it was never relevant to my work until now. But I hadn't been looking to integrate so many disparate solutions in a complex environment before. And all of a sudden, I can't complete a sentence at work without using "workflow" and "blueprint" a few times.

So expect to see a few vCAC and integration posts from me in the near future. I haven't been posting highly technical articles lately; that will change. I'm starting a project where I'll be rolling up my sleeves and getting into the guts of a virtualization infrastructure again. I'm looking forward to it!

A final note: many thanks are in order for the leaders of the MD and DC VMUGs. They put in more effort than we realize to make these events successful. Do yourself a favor and join one or both groups if you're in the Baltimore/DC area.