Thursday, April 10, 2014

vExpert 2014!

Nice camelcase, VMware.
I figured I'd wait until the mad rush of vExpert 2014 posts was over. Now that it is...

I made the VMware vExpert 2014 list!

Faithful readers, who've been with #eager0 since post 1 in January 2013, will no doubt recall that I did not make the cut last year. And like a true optimist, I turned that disappointment into something positive. I not only made some good connections last year, but started to get more comfortable with writing this blog. I also took some professional risks last year that paid off, and now I have a much larger work environment with lots of technology to blog about fix.

Like so many others, I view the vExpert title as not merely recognition for you contributions, but motivation to do more. Seems like earning this title is the start of a journey, not the end.

Are we supposed to thank people for this award? I hope not. I'm just some guy with a blog and some VMware knowledge. But if I have to thank someone, I'll thank a good friend who taught me network magicks, then disappeared into the ether. A packet, forever lost.