Monday, April 28, 2014

Root Cause Paralysis - New Post at Thwack!

I'm wrapping up my turn as a SolarWinds Ambassador with a post titled "Root Cause Paralysis." Head over a take a look, and post your thoughts in the thread.

It's been great to share some ideas with the Thwack community over these last four weeks. And the posts I've written have really made me think about what I'd like to focus on. I've hinted at it several times lately, but I'll be more overt this time: I love writing. More than technology, even. It's what I wanted to do long before I was lured into IT.

I'm clearly not keeping the #eager0 up and running for fame and fortune. It's really just an excuse to practice writing. My other blog (BIMBY | Bugs In My Back Yard) is an outlet for short-form writing and photography. I've even started posting to Soundcloud, but I'm not satisfied with that content... yet.

It's all an effort to remind myself that your profession shouldn't define you. And with that in mind, I'm slowly breaking orbit from a tech-only writing career.