Monday, August 25, 2014

Tech Field Day Extra - DataGravity, SolarWinds, Asigra

Well, it's finally here: today I'm joining a group of wicked smart people as part of the TFD Extra delegation at VMworld! We've got three companies (DataGravity, SolarWinds, and Asigra) lined up to present their latest products, solutions, and insight into the development of both.


DataGravity (formerly known as the "Secret Company" on Monday's TFDX session) will pretty much make you rethink storage. I can't possibly do their work justice in a single paragraph, so I'll just say that you'll wonder why no one else has thought of this before. The short version is that they are data-aware storage with analytics built-in. I spent an hour chatting with the Product Manager last night at the Solutions Exchange, and it was inspiring to hear how passionate he and the team is about this platform. I'm excited to see how customers use the data that's collected; especially since I spend my days consulting for the public sector. This is going to be KILLER.


Oh, SolarWinds. We've been BFFs for, I don't know, a decade? Everywhere I go, there's a SolarWinds product in the mix. Whether it's Orion NPM, SAM, VMAN, or Storage Manager: these are the tools I rely on to see what's happening on the infrastructure and application level. You may recall that I spent April of this month as a Thwack Ambassador, which was a great experience with the company and the community they're foster. Today they will share their perspective on performance in a hybrid environment (side note: EVERY environment is now a hybrid environment, IMO). This, like the previous session, will be KILLER.


Asigra's presentation will make you rethink how you protect your data. I agree with the concept: put the focus on recovery, not backup. And bundle all elements of data protection into a single suite, so you're not cobbling together a backup / dedupe / encryption / replication / recovery infrastructure with solutions from many, many vendors. I'm excited to learn more about Asigra, and I'll be certain to share what I've learned.

Stay tuned for updates and new posts after (if?) I've survived the infamous TFD party wagon!