Friday, November 15, 2013

Cisco Champions for Data Center

Looks like a Mantis, therefore cool.
I had just slinked into the driver's seat of my beloved S40 at the end of a long day at work. I always glance at my email before hitting the road to make sure I don't have any grocery store requests to satisfy en route, so I unlocked my phone and did a double-take. Something about "Welcome to Cisco Champ..." but the rest was truncated. I had assumed it was an acknowledgement of my interest in the program, and headed home.

Fast forward to later that night.  At my desk, I read the full text of the message. After a few careful reads (and after dismissing thoughts of being an unintended recipient), I finally realized that I had been accepted into the Cisco Champions Program for Data Center! Not too shabby for what many coworkers dismiss as a "server guy." :)

I'll save the litany of thanks for an evening at DuClaw with friends. But I do want to thank David Yarashus of Chesapeake NetCraftsmen for encouraging me to be active in the community, and supporting my efforts to "reach across the aisle" in order to break free from the server vs. network approach to IT that I've ranted about in the past. David is wicked smart, and while I can't quite call him a co-worker any longer, I am fortunate to call him a friend. Thank you, David!

One of the guidelines for the CCDC program says to continue to be yourself. So expect more photos of insects, the occasional technical break-fix article, and plenty of posts from an English major with an IT addiction. Hell, maybe I'll toss in a few unicorns just so you know I'm legit.