Saturday, June 1, 2013

Adventures in CloudCred

Lately, I've been spending some free time with I'd started it a few months back, but when work started to get busy I let it slide for a while. Now I've decided to catch up and see what's new.

Of course, the big change since the beginning of #CloudCred is VMware's major marketing push for vCloud Hybrid Service. So it should come as no surprise that CloudCred now features many tasks related to learning about vCloud Hybrid Service and its benefits. In fact, there's a contest that lasts about another week to win a FitBit One. All you need to do is complete a bunch (maybe two dozen, I haven't counted (yes I have, it's twenty six)) of tasks to be entered into the drawing. And in the process you'll earn a ton of CloudCred points.

In a short time a few days back, I managed to win the following:

  • A CloudCred Pen
  • A CloudCred Hat
  • A CloudCred Bumper Sticker
  • A CloudCred Twitter mention
It's that last one that makes me laugh. It's because the Twitter mention isn't automatic (ironic, given that we're talking about cloud here). I received an email that says I'll be contacted by someone in the coming days to discuss the "prize details and approval process." It's funny that a simple tweet can be bound by such bureaucracy. Perhaps I should prepare a 27B stroke 6 in advance.

I'm more of a Tuttle kind of guy, which means I have this to look forward to one day: