Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Failed: VCAP5-DCD

Unpleasant but true: I failed the VCAP5-DCD exam today. Judging from the score, I missed the passing score by a single question. You can probably sense the frustration from wherever you're reading this.

I had doubled-down in the last week and started re-reading the vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive and the VMware vSphere 5 Design books. I always learn something new when I re-read these books. Because I'm not doing a lot of design work lately, I end up reading a lot but not getting the opportunity to apply that knowledge. I'll whiteboard designs throughout the day just to keep in practice, but that's no substitute for a real design engagement.

The only gripe I'll voice at this time is this: design is an iterative discussion, not a series of questions with answers. The designs I've delivered over the years are good by all measures, and I attribute that quality of work to the many discussions I've had with all parties involved. And if I'm not sure of something, I can pick up the phone and get clarification. Whereas the exam is a one-sided conversation, and clarification is not to be had. Sour grapes, right? Yeah. But I'm a social engineer (well, not a social engineer...), and talking with people is the best part of my job.

So now the 14 day wait begins. My goal is to achieve VCAP5-DCD prior to attending PEX 2013. I'd like to have a VCAP pin to complement my VCP pin.